swamp logic plot mix

is a special blend of high protein plant seeds that have been grown and observed to attract a large numbers of whitetail deer in the southern United States. The deer love it and the high protein diet is the most reliable way to increase antler size and mass. 

Swamp logic is the right choice if you are looking to increase the size and number of deer you see in a season.

Swamp logic was created by hunters for hunters that are committed to the outdoors experience and legacy. it just makes sense, that's why we call it swamp logic.

Take your children hunting now and you will not have to hunt them later.


Photo gallary

Cael's first eight! Congrats!

Samp Logic's first victim of 2012 . Congrats! Bailey.

Jacks first deer.
shot out of swamp logic.

early season bucks.

early season bucks.

truck load of sauage.


Nice Eight

Sambo scored!
Photo contest - send us your photos of deer in your plot of swamp logic to enter the contest. Photos will be posted to the website.
Winner will receive a free 50 lb bag for next season.

For more information contact us at contactus@swamplogic.com or call 985.515.4881